1. Cafe LA DIVINA Restaurant could be contacted by our contact from or with a phone call. We try our best to get back to you on the same day depending on urgency of the request...
  2. Find Us : Cafe LA DIVINA Restaurant is located in Upper Street just minutes away from ALMEIDA and THE KING’S HEAD Theaters. A family owned restaurant opened in 2009 is offering a range of anti pasties, pastas, pizzas and salads. You can also drop by to have coffe or tea and cakes. ENJOY YOUR VISIT..!
  3. Directions By Bus : Take Number 19, 4, 30 or 43 towards Highbury & Islington Tube Station.
  4. Directions By Tube : Get off Angel Tube Station, once you are out of the station turn right and walk about 5 minutes through upper Street. It is beween Almeida and The King’s Head Theatres.